Your movie madness

Your Movie Madness was created to bring a more comprehensive spin on movie reviews; breaking movies down from technical aspects to entertainment value without revealing too much of a films story! We also want to provide updated movie trailers, news, and much more revolving around the film industry. is a website dedicated to reviewing films of all variety. As the founder Sean Burke said “Instead of regurgitating the entire plot and claiming it as a review, the reviewers aim to highlight several main areas of each film which include: writing, cinematography, score, acting, and any other aspect which warrants attention.” Some of the special features on the website are be “Guilty Pleasures” and “Technically Speaking” where They break down the technical aspects of a film.

My work on this site includes:

  • Creation of a custom theme to embody artists style and feel. With this I created mock ups to present what the concept of the site was, once approved they were changed into php, html, css, and jquery.
  • Created a custom logo for the site. Unifying the logo with the site, through color and feel.
  • Created a several custom “post type” to control varied types of content. What does this mean? Well it basically means I made it so the site could be easily updated by the Your Movie Madness team. I accomplished this by making specific areas where they could upload new trailers, news, reviews, and employee information. Along with this I setup protocols to help organize these areas further through genre. Promoting site organization and easy tracking of site content.
  • Several custom templates were created to better fit site content. This site is actually a completely custom theme. So you will not find it anywhere else! And that being said it was also created from scratch. No other themes were used in the making of this site.
  • All this was programmed for wordpress, so it follows their safe use protocols.
  • Client Your movie madness
  • Date August 8, 2017
  • Tags Front-end development, UX design
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