Team Foundation Services – Preview

One of my first contracts was with the Team Foundation Services group at Microsoft. During that time I worked with a team to developed a new fully html based website for the release of Team Foundation Service product.

For this project I worked with the design team to implement a great customer experience that they could relate to Microsoft as well as their needs as a customer.  This work entailed implementation of UX finalized mocks as well as consulting with Microsoft engineers on proper protocol for Front-end web coding.  At this time there was not a tremendous amount of adoption into new web technologies so I trained and aided in their understanding of best practices for CSS and JQuery.

This sight was built on top of umbraco.

*Note: This site has since been deprecated.  There is a new version of the TFS site live today.

  • Client Microsoft
  • Date August 4, 2017
  • Tags Front-end development
  • URL View Project

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