SQL server on Linux swag

While working in SQL I was often tasked with creating “swag” for team and customer events.  One such item was this glorious piece for our announcement that SQL server will now be able to work on Linux.

The theme behind the piece was to give equal treatment of our identity “microsoft” and “SQL server” and Linux’s identity.  Working with a couple of designers we brainstormed and bounced many themes around until I came up with this piece that would inevitably be the one they chose to use.

This t-shirt is inspired by Daft punk with the dual view of 2 figures.  The penguin comes from the identity and brand of Linux, Tux the penguin.  The cat is brought over from Microsoft’s Ninja cat references that we often find in our more “edgy” identity.

The back of the shirt takes in the more nerdy/geeky/devy side with a code snippet directly related to initializing a SQL server install on linux.

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