Give campaign 2016

Every year Microsoft hosts a “give campaign” that last the entire month of October.  During this time members around the company can work with their Admin team to create unique posters to help broadcast the message of giving and caring throughout the halls of the Microsoft campus.
Here is a view of what I brought to the table in 2016.

Dont be a creeper. Give and get your match today!

Inspired by the Minecraft franchise.  This poster was targeted to bring in the vibe of the minecraft creeper character while also mentioning the benefit of donating within Microsoft.

This would be a poster that made its way around the Microsoft campus.

You give, we match

A set of 3 posters. Giving within the give campaign can be targeted at different organizations. Each poster has a different theme or vibe that the employees could donate too.

These poster have vibes of assistant housing, third world housing development, sustainability, food supply, etc.

24 hour give n’ go

Throughout october there are many events that employees can become a part of. The 24 hour give n’ go was one of many.  This poster showcases some of the many activities that a Microsoft employee can partake in during the event.

The poster also needed to showcase that this event was global, so all teams around the Microsoft organization will be taking part in it.

Give golf tournament

One of the many posters I truly loved working on, I admit I  am a bit biased since I love to play golf.

This is a simple poster concept to showcase the event as well as the sport.  I wanted to have light touches of give within the atmosphere of the sport.

Table tennis tournament

Another event that occurred during the give campaign was a table top tennis tournament.  I really enjoyed this design since it incorporates the Microsoft vibe, a nice retro flair, and the colored rectangles create a strong sense of motion.

Give poker tournment

The give poker tournament became one of the more complex visual designs since they had so much information that needed to be out there.  Also you wanted to create a since of unity between their email banners and the posters.

All in all I think the layout and arrangement of this poster is strong for the level of content that was provided. It was also created to be more a template that future years could jump in and change dates and details without any hassle.

An attempt at humor and horror

While working on the give campaign I often played with many different themes to help incorporate culture into the experience. With that I created a series of sort of offshoots into Horror classics that played with the word “give”.

This poster, titled “The Giving” pulls much of its inspiration to the classic film “the Shinning”.  While I love the overall visual style and layout of this poster it had not had enough muster to find its way onto a Microsoft wall.

Still fun to look at though 🙂

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