Art of Lucas Elliott

This website is a design that I worked on with a client of mine Lucas Elliott. Lucas is a brilliant artist who creates absolutely amazing work! I highly recommend you give his site a stop by and check out his work!

My work on this site includes:

  • Creation of a custom theme to embody artists style and feel. With this I created mock ups to present what the concept of the site was, once approved they were changed into php, html, css, and jquery.
  • Body background, specifically the white paper background. This is used throughout the site to give it the look of a comic strip or artist station.
  • Embedded a custom font into the website, this is so the website would not be using a standard web safe font but instead used one that mimic-ed the artists personality and work. With that said there were careful considerations to make this “new font” browser safe and also to make sure there were safety measures to support lower end browsers. Like IE8 and below.
  • Created a custom “post type” to control his portfolio. What does this mean? Well it basically means I made it so the site could be easily updated by Lucas. I accomplished by making a specific area where he would upload his new work, this area also came with a “type of work” check box area where he can add or subtract new types of categories. Promoting site organization and easy tracking for the artist.
  • Several custom templates were created to better fit site content. This site is actually a completely custom theme. So you will not find it anywhere else! And that being said it was also created from scratch. No other themes were used in the making of this site.
  • All this was programmed for wordpress, so it follows their use protocols.
  • Client Lucas Elliott
  • Date August 8, 2017
  • Tags Front-end development, UX design
  • URL View Project

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